Why do you need a website?

90% of your customers will look your business up online to see if you have a website.

Why? to see if you are legit, they want more information about you and what you do, what other people say about you, about your process, to get more information about your products or services and to know what options they have to contact you.

Your customers need to know what kind of services and products that you offer without reaching out to you first. saves you time and their time as well.

They want to know what your phones numbers are, where you are located and if you have emails coz most of your customers don’t really want to talk to you on the phone coz they are shy. they want to have it all in one place and to also feel secure because they know they are in the right place to get the correct information coz of course it is your website.

You might say “i already have a facebook page, why do i need a website?” well facebook page is just a way to connect to your customers and a social proof but that is not enough. your customers will always look at the information section of your page to see if you have a website so that they can see what your company actually does. especially if you are offering services or selling products. they want to know more if you have all the services or products that they need. why do you think you need instagram, twitter, google+, etc? coz your customers want to know if they can trust you and your website the most relevant because it tells more about your brand and who you really are.

Social media is good but only as a way to promote or inform your customers about news and promotions or new products or services that you offer but not as a general information about your business and if you are legit. anybody can easily create a social account and can even steal your identity or pose as you or your company but only only a few or possibly no one can pose as your website unless they really need to or they have time and money to burn.

And most people on facebook are not there to find services or things to buy, they just want to socialise and have fun. if they see your business on facebook, they will see you as any other company but if they see your facebook page and then saw that you have a website on the information section, they will visit your website and now see you as one of the company they can add on their list incase they need you.

Another advantage of having a website is that if you run an ad campaign on facebook or google, if a prospect customer visited your site, wherever that person will go he/she will always see your ad which will possibly make them buy your products or services.

Think of facebook, amazon, lazada, ebay, youtube, etc. do you think they have gotten that big if they don’t own a website? now is the right time coz time is money and you have to spend money earn more money. and your website is mostly about your customers’ comfort coz they don’t have to spend time researching whether or not they can trust you.

Stop wasting your time answering or replying to “hm, how much, where can i buy, what other services that you offer, do you sell this, will this fit me, do you have this size, where are you located, what are your payment options, do you finance, i meed to know more about you and what you do” or any other questions that your customers asks because they lack information and most of those who enquire are just curious and don’t really want to buy. imagine how many hours you wasted answering those questions for nothing or how many buying customers you lost just because you were not able to reply to them immediately just because you are focusing on the wrong people or you are not available to answer their questions. just put everything in your website. if you post something on facebook add a link to a page on your website where they can either order immediately or to know more about it. just say on the post “order here” and provide the link. with this, you can just focus on fulfilment or just focus on the right customers.

If you do that, then you will know that most people who call you or asks you questions are those people who are willing to spend money for your services or products which really needs your time and attention.

Most online sellers prefer private messaging their prices so that they price a customer and to also avoid competitors knowing about their prices, or lower their price or match the competitors. but is it really worth it? your competitors can easily know your prices by also asking you without you knowing it. and besides you might price more to some but less to some but you are actually not making more money, you are losing a lot. you spend time sending them prices, copy and pasting and then sending it but you could have been using your time to improve your business or maybe manage other businesses that you have. it’s even possible that you’ve been answering hundreds of questions all day but none of them are planning to buy from you coz either they are canvassing or just curious.

People pay more for a brand or preferred branded products or services. and people won’t really see you as a brand or a legit business if you don’t have a logo, a website and a personalised email that matches your website domain name (eg. sales@mywebsite.com). people don’t see your product or service as premium if you don’t see you as a brand and big spenders love premium. they well brag about it on social media because it’s premium. a brand is not who you think you are but it’s about who other people think you are. that’s why branding is so important to any kinds of business.

Let’s say for example you see two shoes or maybe a car. both looks really good, the same quality and similar features but the other one costs more but it is branded while the other one has even more features (like sunroof )but cheaper and a leaser know brand. you have the budget to buy either one but want to spend less if necessary. but we all know which one you are going to pick and it’s because of the brand. you know why you pick the branded one (both are brands but if you compare an unknown brand from china and compare it with toyota, you will say that that the china one is not branded)? it’s because of security. people are more secure of they pick a branded product. for example if you saw a product on amazon but you haven’t heard of the brand, you search the product on google but all you see are other listing about that product but you don’t see a website of the manufacturer of that product, do you still feel secure about buying that product? and another example about having a legit information on a website is you want to buy a printer but a cheap one, you saw two brands that are in your price range. you tried to search the cheaper one on google to see the product description on their website but you can’t find it then you tried searching for the expensive one and then you can see that it has a landing page or a product page on the manufacturer’s website where you can see all the features and all the information that you need to know about it. so let me ask you this, do you still feel secure in buying this product? i’m pretty sure you will buy the other one and feel good about it because you made the right choice.

And another final scenario. this happened to me last week. i found an online business a while back months ago and i found something that i liked don’t want to buy it yet coz i want to see if i can’t find something better. then recently i remembered about it and i decided to purchase that product. i then visited their facebook page and scrolled down and scroll and you know what i still keep on scrolling until i decided to open their photos section. but there are so many random posts and photos that i can’t find it anymore. so frustrated i decided to ask the seller about the product but unfortunately even the seller couldn’t recognise what i was looking for. so my time as buyer and the seller was wasted with no sale. the lesson here is it’s easy to lose something important by just using facebook. i bet even you experienced this in your own facebook account where you are trying to find something you posted a while back but you just can’t coz it’s already buried way down. again facebook or any social media are
only good for limited promotions and news but not as an overall container of your business.

A lot of online business owners become instant millionaires just because they never hesitated in paying for the cost coz their focus is on the profit, not on the expenses. and why would you be? why focus on the expenses when you can never start a business if you don’t spend anything in the first place. and having a website is the same as having a physical store but on the internet where 60-70% of business traffic is.

And nowadays, running ad campaign, having a landing page and a website is what you need to run a successful business.

So if you value your business don’t hesitate spending on what’s important. Click here to get started!

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