Best Ecommerce Platform - Shopify

Do you have plans to take your ecommerce business to the next level?It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or a guru in this industry. In this article, we have a review of the best ecommerce platform that will suit your needs - Shopify

Who Is Shopify?

Shopify is an all-in-one ecommerce platform solution which allows you to create and operate an online store, by managing your products and handling payments using a single service. It is one of the best ecommerce space since it is an easy-to-use tool as compared to its counterparts like Magento and woocommerce. Shopify strongly focuses on building a hassle-free channel that would enable you to set up any form of ecommerce business.

Key Features of Shopify

Shopify store offers you various unique and powerful features that are not obvious with other online stores such as Magento, Prestashop, woocommerce and among others. Some of the key structures that make Shopify outshine its counterparts include:

1. Fully Customized Online Store, Website and Blog Unlike other online stores, Shopify does not restrict you on the number of the products you can have in your store.

2. Unlimited Bandwidth and Customer Data Shopify does not charge you depending on the number of visitors browsing through your store or files you upload.

3. Shopify Point of Sale (POS) This structure allows you to sell a physical store. POS helps you to process orders and take payments in person. In addition to this, with POS, you can manage all aspects of your Shopify store from the admin panel, which you can access through any browser.

4. Online Sales Channels Unlike other online stores, Shopify gives you multiple online sales channel where you can sell your products. These channels are connected to your Shopify store making it easy to keep track of your products, customers, and orders. These channels include other online stores, Facebook and Pinterest.

5. Built-in Fraud Analysis This feature helps to flag orders that are suspected fraudulent and brings them to your attention. This can help you to resolve the issue quickly and keeps you away from chargebacks and losses.

1. Shopify offers 24/7 support; get help at any time.
2. It comes with many beautiful and professional templates design
3. The most beginner-friendly e-commerce platform
4. Shopify comes with all the necessary features 5. It has a powerful built-in.speed and top security for hosting

1. Monthly subscription cost may increase if you integrate multiple Apps
2. You may get charged a transaction fee for every sale you make (but a small cost to pay for a highly secure platform)

Value For Money

Shopify has never gotten its feet wet in the ecommerce industry. It is always keeping up with the pace of advancement of the ecommerce technologies and trends. It comes with affordable plans for your business. Its 14-day free trial enables you to unlock all of the features available so that you test and interact with the platform thoroughly before focusing on their premium services. Its pricing method is also simple. It has three plans which cost $29, $79 and $299 per month and an enterprise plan Shopify Plus which costs around $2000 per month. 

Recommended For
- Sellers wanting to sell anywhere via online stores, Amazon, Facebook and in person.
- Best platform for both beginners level and experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs
- Reasonable sale price

Bottom Line, If you want to launch your e-commerce business without any hassle, then Shopify offers conventional solutions that you desire as ecommerce entrepreneurs. It is easy to use and can help you integrate its operations even when offline, making it the best ecommerce platform to use. It also comes with a reasonable price based on your requirements. All you require is to choose from Shopify packages the plan that is within your budget and suits your needs.

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